Crittall Doors flood this airy extension with light

There are many architectural approaches to the classic Victorian house side return extension – where should the island go (if you want one), should it be the cooker or sink that gives you a view of the garden, and where’s the best spot for a dining table?

Splashbacks Good with a Dark Blue Kitchen

You’re set on stylish inky blue for your cabinets, but which splashback to choose? Dark blue kitchen cabinets are not just elegant, they’re also versatile, as this on-trend colour will look good with a number of splashback options. Take a look at these schemes to see which surface would work well with your deep-toned units.

7 Stylish Ways to Work Black Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re after a sophisticated and stylish look in your kitchen, dark units could be the way to go – and they don’t come darker than black. If you’re wondering how they might look in your own home, browse these rooms for inspiration.

Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets that Sit on the Worktop

Cupboards that rest on the worksurface have numerous advantages, as these designs demonstrate. Not sure whether you want a tall unit, a wall cupboard or more worktop space in your kitchen? How about including all three by going for a countertop cabinet. You can use these handy units to add storage, conceal a workspace or … Read More

Mix and Match Kitchen Worktop Materials

Looking for kitchen worktop ideas? These islands show how mixed materials can work beautifully. Are you wondering how to pair two different kitchen worktop materials, such as metal and quartz, or stone and wood? Take a look at these kitchen design ideas for inspiration and save your favourites to take to your kitchen consultation.  

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

See how to make an island work in a small kitchen with these space-smart designs. Even in a relatively spacious kitchen it can be hard to fit in a full-size island, but there are plenty of mini alternatives for small and medium-sized spaces. Take a look at these compact solutions and see if you get … Read More

Brilliant Kitchen Island Storage Ideas

Add extra storage to your kitchen with these clever ways to incorporate stowaway zones in your island. If you have an island in your kitchen, it makes sense to tuck in as many cupboards, cubbyholes, shelves and drawers as you can. Take a look at these smart units to find out how you can maximise … Read More

Inviting Country Kitchens

Take a look at these welcoming, rural schemes to find inspiration for your own cookspace. This photo series has been put together to provide some coffee-break inspiration. Take a few minutes for yourself and scroll through these inviting designs. Fancy a rural escape? Grab a cuppa and browse through these images of gorgeous country kitchens … Read More